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Good Friday Lamentations Service
Friday, 25 April 2008

The Lamentations service is the "Funeral Service" for Christ celebrated on Good Friday. The Epitaph, representing the Burial Shroud of Christ, is placed in the "tomb" for the faithful to venerate. Everyone holds lighted candles during the service.
The cantors leading the responses.
The Epitaph is then taken in procession around the church.
Upon re-entering the church, everyone walks under the Epitaph, symbolizing passing from death into eternal life. Frs. Rosco and Balanean enter the church first. The Epitaph is returned to the "tomb" in the darkened church.
Fr. Horaţiu reads the Gospel of the burial of Christ. At the conclusion of the service, the faithful come forward in silence to venerate the Epitaph. The "tomb" remains in the church until the next day.


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