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The Right Reverend IRINEU


     Consecrated: November 2, 2002

     Nameday: August 23

     Biography: CLICK HERE





Very Reverend Father Romey Rosco

        Father Rosco was born on June 18, 1944, in Gary, Indiana.  He studied at Indiana University [1970-1972] and received his degree in Theology from Christ the Saviour Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Seminary in Johnstown, Pennsylvania [1972-1976].  In 1976, he was ordained a deacon by Archbishop VALERIAN (Trifa) at St. George Cathedral in Southfield, Michigan, and then a priest by the same archbishop at his home parish, The Descent of the Holy Ghost Church in Merrillville, Indiana.  He served The Falling Asleep of the Ever Virgin Mary Church in Saint Paul, Minnesota [1976-1979], and has served Sts. Peter & Paul Church in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, since January 1, 1980.  In recognition of his over thirty years of priestly service, he was elevated to the rank of Archpriest by the Holy Synod of Bishops in 2007.

        Fr. Romey was the long-time Referee on Matrimonial Affairs (Dispensations) for the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America (ROEA); was a member of the Joint Dialogue Commission (which works to restore relations between the two Romanian jurisdictions in North America) from its beginning; has served as a member of the ROEA Episcopate Council; participates in The Council of Orthodox Christian Churches of Metropolitan Detroit (COCC), having held the position of Secretary on several occasions; has served as President and Secretary of the ROEA Spiritual Consistory; and was National Spiritual Advisor to The Association of Romanian Orthodox Ladies Auxiliaries (A.R.F.O.R.A.), The American Romanian Orthodox Youth (A.R.O.Y.) and The Orthodox Brotherhood USA.  He speaks English and Romanian.

        In 1976, he married Mary Ellen Galbincea who is originally from Cleveland, Ohio.  She is the Church School Director; is the current (as well as a past) President of the parish Ladies Auxiliary; currently serves again on the ROEA Episcopate Council; has been a member of the National Board of The Association of Romanian Orthodox Ladies Auxiliaries (A.R.F.O.R.A.) for numerous years, including serving as its President; and is a long-time Director of the ROEA's Summer Religious Education Courses (Camp Vatra) -- all while continuing her career as a secondary education mathematics teacher until her retirement in 2013.  They have one son, (Subdeacon) Thomas Matthew.


Reverend Father Horaţiu Cristian Balanean

        Father Balanean was born on May 25, 1979 in Zalau, Salaj, Romania.  He received his education in Romania, attending the Seminary of the Holy Three Hierarchs in Zalau and Faculty of Theology at the University of Oradea.  He came to the United States in 2002.

        Having settled in Dearborn Heights, he attended services at Sts. Peter & Paul Church and soon began serving as one of the parish cantors.  At the request of the parish, Fr. Horaţiu was ordained into the Holy Diaconate on December 21, 2003, by His Grace, Bishop IRINEU to serve as parish deacon.  He was then ordained into the Holy Priesthood by His Eminence, Archbishop NATHANIEL on September 9, 2007, and assigned to the parish as assistant priest.

        In 2002, he married Mihaela Pop, who also attended the University of Oradea for a degree in Psychology, and has a career in nursing.  They have two children, Bianca Ioana and Luca Stefan.


Past Parish Priests

1927-1929   Rev. Hieromonk Alexandru Nanu
(Built original church and held occasional services before the formal establishment of the parish.)

1929-1930   Rev. Fr. Gheorghe Lupu

1930-1932   Rev. Fr. Pavel Craciun

1932-1934   Rev. Fr. Teofil Popovici

1934-1936   Rev. Fr. Martin Ionescu

1936-1941   Rev. Fr. Traian Birau

1941-1945   Rev. Fr. Glicherie Morariu

1945-1955   Rev. Fr. Peter Moga

1955-1980   V. Rev. Fr. John Surducan  (CLICK HERE for biography)


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